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Blades Arena

Inline Roller Skating Fun
River Mall Plaza
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
United States

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Last Updated: Thursday, May 22, 1997

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Blades Arena
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Dress Code
RTEC prides itself in maintaining a Wholesome youth recreation and family entertainment center. We Appreciate your cooperation in observing the following:
All clothes must be neat, clean, not frayed, in good repair and be an appropriate size (No Baggy, Oversized pants)
Girls may not wear sheer blouses, bare midriffs, or bra-less outfits. Undergarments shall be worn and must not be visible at any time.
Clothing or jewelry which depicts or suggests sexually related or obscene gestures, pictures or wording, or which promotes the use/abuse of drugs or alcohol, shall not be worn in the facility.
Members may not wear articles of clothing, jewelry or accessories which, in the opinion of the management, pose a threat to the physical well-being and safety of other members. (spiked collars or wristbands, chains, belts of excessive length, or any writing or type of writing on said articles).
No clothing, or articles of clothing or methods of grooming (including, but not limited to gloves, bandannas, belt buckles, shoestrings, wristbands, jewelry, tattoos, extreme hair styles) related to a group or gang, which may provoke others to acts of violence or to be intimidated by fear of violence, or could possibly disrupt the facility shall not be worn at any time.

Facility Rules
Please Read Before Purchasing Membership or otherwise entering the facility.
All members acknowledge that by purchasing a membership to RTEC that Roller Skating and is an activity subject to injuries which may result from a number of possible causes. By entering the facility or by purchasing admission, skate rental, or membership, the patron acknowledges and accepts this risk.
No outside food or drink may be brought into the facility at any time. Smoking and GUM CHEWING are prohibited at all times inside the facility.
All Hats, Shoes and Coats must be securely locked in a coin operated locker.
No foul language or unbecoming attire is allowed.
You skate at your own risk. We DO NOT carry medical insurance.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
There are no cash refunds
Do not enter this building unless you plan on having FUN!
Falling is a normal part of skating, for your safety, when participating in sports be cautious and courteous and remember the management is not responsible for accidents
Failure to follow rules or instructions can result in serious injury to self or others
All Inline Skates must be checked upon entry! Protruding nuts or bolts cause damage to the roller floor and are prohibited

Advertising Opportunities

Message Board Display Advertising
Our Digital Message Board features advertising of four national accounts per quarter, featuring a prominent banner, a supply of product to be sampled by our guests and discounts to purchase this product locally. We feature our facility upcoming special events and also offer local advertising opportunities. Your business or product can be marketed here on a quarterly contract.
The cost to your business would be $1,200.00 for three months of quality marketing in our facility. You will be provided a Promotional banner, prominently displayed in our facility, a digital message board display, and a coupon or flier to be distributed to our members upon attendance.

Cooperative Admission Sponsorship
Each member attending the facility gets a receipt. This type of sponsorship would offer your business or company logo, location, phone number and a discount coupon or offer from your business. Alternatively, the same sponsorship would be available at your facility as well.
The cost to your business would be $300.00 per month of quality marketing in our facility. You will be provided a and a coupon or flier to be distributed to our members upon attendance.

Cooperative Food Court Sponsorship
We offer attractive quarterly co-sponsorship of paper tray liners, drink cups, table tents and sports bottles. These items would feature your business or company logo, location, phone number and a discount coupon or offer from your business. Alternatively, the same sponsorship would be available at your facility as well.
The cost to your business would be one-half of the cost to produce the custom materials, as a cooperative effort. A joint purchase venture may be available for a substantial discount. These products would be used in both facilities.

Cooperative Event Sponsorship
There are many opportunities to cooperatively advertise your company in our facility. From custom 4 color stickers, sports bottles, special events, competition program sponsorship, competitive team sponsorship and RollerSports logo merchandise. Our cooperative sponsorship event nights are featured during recreation skating sessions throughout the week. Each Saturday evening RollerSports will offer a different local or national business. This is an opportunity to market your business in ours, and our business in yours for the promotion of your event. Many custom events can be arranged promoting your product or business in our facility.
RTEC is proud to join the business community by providing the public with a state of the art facility for roller sports and recreational skating. The response to our opening has been overwhelmingly positive.
As a one of a kind facility in this region, we are establishing strategic alliances and proactive marketing approaches with other new and existing businesses for mutual benefit. With RTEC’s anticipated attendance in excess of 2,000 people per week, there are significant opportunities for businesses to promote their products and/or services to the public in an exciting way.
Our approaches include cooperative sponsor event nights which are highlighted in all of our advertising. It is a fun way to provide a benefit to existing customers while creating name recognition to those you would like to attract.
RTEC’s Promotional Responsibilities
· Coordinate a date and time in our schedule and promote it as your event
· Provide your customers with discounted admission coupon to distribute to your customers to use on your special night
· Announcements prior to the event which incorporate your tag line and business location
· Provide our regular customers with your promotional materials and/or discount coupons the night of the event

RTEC’s Event Coordination
· Conduct games and contests throughout the night featuring prizes provided
· Announce your business’s sponsorship and tag line regularly at the event

Your Promotional Assistance
· Distribution of promotional materials to each of your customers for 2 weeks prior to your event
· Provide prizes for activities throughout the night and a Grand Prize to award at the end of the night
· Supply promotional banners, posters and mascot (if available) for display during the event
Include discount coupons or other customer perks allowing each guest to go home with something identifying or promoting your business

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The Youth Recreation, Youth Sports and Family Entertainment Industry enjoys an established track-record of excellent revenue potential and return on investment for our investors. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous, and we intend to continue our advances and growth in the Youth Recreation and Family Entertainment Industry with more unique and effective facilities.
This is an excellent opportunity, with a good return on investment. This project will require a substantial amount of tenant improvements that RTEC will negotiate for a seven year lease in order to secure a substantial amount of time to benefit from this initial investment. RTEC has plans for immediate growth and expansion within the first three years of business.

I wish to support this worthwhile cause

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