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Blades Arena

Inline Roller Skating Fun
River Mall Plaza
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
United States

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Last Updated: Thursday, May 22, 1997

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Coming Soon To Baldwinsville, NY

1st Annual Camp Inline For In-Line Skaters of All Ages and Abilities

Produced and Directed by George Babineau In-line skaters of all ages and abilities will have the opportunity to learn from the top professionals in the industry as the CAMP INLINE tradition begins. New this year, Rollersports USA Productions, created by George Babineau and Rob Gould, bring you the best of CAMP INLINE and the top in-line professionals, as well as new and exciting industry experts and activities to make this year the best ever!!!

Camp Program Camp will include small group specialized workshops in:

  • In-line skate maintenance.
  • Beginning in-line skating, including basic striding and stopping.
  • Recreational in-line skating for fitness and fun.
  • Freestyle (artistic) skating and dance. Street style (stunt) skating including launch ramps, quarter pipes, half pipes, and grind rails.
  • In-line racing. Roller hockey.
  • Fitness and Cross-training skills.
  • Skate to Win instruction.

Don't miss this popular camp!

Mon. - Fri. August 25 - 29, 1997
-- Additional supervised activities will be planned For most evenings.

Includes most meals and all supervised activities
$395.00 (if paid in full by August 1, 1997)
$350.00 (paid in full prior to first day of camp)
We also offer daily rates:
1 day   $95.00
2 days $180.00
3 days $275.00

Tuition does not include lodging. For information regarding special rates at host hotels, send us an email request
Make reservations early as hotels sell out Fast.

Price includes:

  • Expert Instruction 7am to 7pm daily.
  • Continental breakfast and full lunch served daily.
  • Camp T-shirt and gift bag to all participants.
  • Evening barbecue dinner and recreation skating party.
  • Camp Inline offers a $25.00 discount per person For Families of three or more, or For IISA Certified instructors.
  • All Camp participants must use Full protective gear which includes: Helmets, Knee pads, Elbow pads, and Wrist guards.

A complete information pack will be sent as soon as your registration is received.

To Register For Camp:

Click Here to request a Registration Form

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