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Blades Arena

Inline Roller Skating Fun
River Mall Plaza
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
United States

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Local Time in Baldwinsville, USA is: [Click Images Button]

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Last Updated: Thursday, May 22, 1997

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Coming Soon To Baldwinsville, NY

Roller Rebate Skate Promotional Marketing Campaign


Any School, Church, Charity or other group can raise money by distributing our specially designed Roller Rebate Bucks to selected Recreation Roller Skating Sessions. A portion of each Roller Rebate Buck redeemed from your group is rebated back to your group.

  • The group makes its money by distributing our special Roller Rebate Bucks.

  • The person using the Roller Rebate Buck attends a specific Recreation Skating Session and pays admission. The group distributing the Roller Rebate Buck then receives a rebate from Blades for each buck that is redeemed from their group during that recreation skate session.

  • As a bonus, each patron that redeems a Roller Rebate Buck during that session receives a free soft drink.

  • The more Roller Rebate Bucks distributed to your group, the better chance of more persons using them, resulting in more money rebated to your group.

  • The Roller Rebate Buck is valid only on a specific day and time. The skater pays full admission and skate rental charge if needed.

  • Blades will have the Roller Rebate Buck designed and printed for your group, and a Roller Rebate Agreement completed and ready to be picked up two weeks prior to your event.

  • This program has proven successful since it offers an easy method for raising money with very little group effort.
  • Multiple reservations earn multiple rewards and discounts on admission. The more events your group conducts, and the more participants that attend each event equals more money earned for your group. Multiple reservations means greater savings to your group.

    This page has been visited times.