Blades Arena

Inline Roller Skating Fun
River Mall Plaza
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
United States

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Local Time in Baldwinsville, USA is: [Click Images Button]

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Coming Soon To Baldwinsville, NY

The Hottest in the Winter, The Coolest in the Summer...
It's the most fun you can have on wheels...
And you don't even need a Driver License!!!
It's Roller Skating Fun at

Blades Arena

Located at the River Mall, off the I-690, Right Next To Ames Plaza. Click Here for a Map

Fill out our survey so we can provide YOU, your family and friends a fun, safe, clean environment where you can belong.
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We are currently seeking Investors and Sponsors for this Worthwhile Family Recreation Center. To be a part of this fantastic opportunity, with an excellent return on investment Click Here to request a prospectus

Our Kids need a cool place in the summer, and a warm place in the winter to socialize with their friends. The skating school is designed to offer recreational and competitive skating opportunities for our youth to focus on.
Blades will offer a safe, clean, fun and affordable place for children and families to spend quality time with each other.

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